George Anderson

George Anderson

George Anderson

Can George Anderson hear the voices of dead people? 

Not even the most hardened skeptic has come up with a rational explanation for genuine psychic episodes.  That is also true of a man named George Anderson from Long Island, New York.  George claims to have the uncanny ability to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed on:

“At times it does seem even for me, that I am literally listening to them or listening to a conversation or feeling… It’s a feeling that you’re seeing, a feeling you’re hearing, a sensation more, it’s like getting an electrical charge all through yourself.”

Author Joel Martin first heard of George Anderson in 1980, and initially had his doubts:

“I was hosting a late-night radio talk show on a rock station on Long Island.  And the format, we dealt heavily with unexplained phenomena.”

Joel called George Anderson in for a reading.  They had never met before.  According to Joel, George maintained he knew nothing about his background:

“And he started to talk about Shirley, my late wife, who had been killed the year before. She was hit and killed by a car, crossing a street in New York.  Then he did something that could not be explained by any way that I could reason.  Whenever she was annoyed at me, she would say, ‘You’re like a little boy.’  But that was only a private thing she and I knew.  Nobody would have known that. So now I’m figuring how the heck—I could not have told that to anybody. There’s no way he could’ve known this or should’ve known it. That’s a very private thing.”

Joel persuaded George Anderson to undergo tests at a New York City hospital.  According to Joel, George’s EEG was extremely unusual. While George conducted a session, half of his brain registered sleep, while half showed normal waking patterns:

“The neurologist who conducted those tests said he’d never seen anything like it before. Is it what we expect to see? No. Is it what’s supposed to happen? No. Is something unusual going on? Yes.”

Joel Martin had always considered himself a skeptic in matters of the paranormal. But after meeting George Anderson, he became a believer. Martin began to give George a significant block of time on his radio call-in show. And George Anderson became something of a celebrity in his hometown.

George was born in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York, in 1952. When he was six, he was stricken with a severe case of chicken pox.  He almost died and immediately began to hear voices and saw visions of people who had recently passed away.  Soon after, George began to earn his living by conducting psychic readings.

Barbara and John Licata contacted George Anderson in 1982, four months after the death of their 16-year-old son, David.  According to Barbara, David had gone out to a party the night before his death:

“He had to be in by 12:30. I went to bed, but I laid there awake because I don’t sleep until my kids are in. And at 1:30, I got up because it was unlike David not to call.  And then I knew.  It was a night of hell.”

David had been killed by a hit-and-run driver.  Barbara fell into a deep depression over her son’s untimely death.  At Barbara’s request, her husband John agreed to a session with George Anderson.  Anderson claimed that with the Licatas, as with all his clients, he had no prior information about the family:

“I can recall their son Dave coming through very strongly, very high-spirited personality—no pun intended—and also very anxious to reach out to his parents to give them and his family the assurance that he was alright.”

Barbara was amazed at the number of specific details George knew:

“There were a lot of things, very specific pieces of information that came forth in this reading that there was no way that George could have known.  I felt this enormous relief when we made contact with David through George. Because I felt like, you arrived. You’re in the other world.  You’re still alive and I will see you again.”

The Elliots, and thousands of people like them, believed that George Anderson’s messages from the afterlife were absolutely legitimate.  However, a far greater number of people tend to be highly skeptical.  To satisfy the skeptics, a bereaved family, the Silvermans, were asked to meet with George in an on-camera session.  George and the Silvermans had never met, nor did he know anything about them or their son, who had recently passed away.

Barry Silverman died at the age of 33, a victim of a virulent form of cancer that spread to his lungs. Barry’s parents and his sister Joy agreed to participate in the session.  Anderson knew nothing about the family, or how Barry had passed away.  During the reading, George gave the Silvermans a message from their son:
“He sends his love to the three of you.  He says to you specifically, ‘Now, when you leave here, you leave here with peace. You didn’t fail me.   Now, you stop feeling guilty.  Let that go and put your heart at rest,’ because he says, he’s alright, he’s at peace.”

Barry’s father, Kenneth, walked away from the session satisfied that he had spoken to his son from the after life:

“I feel a lot better. I really do. I feel that Barry’s really with us and we’ll be together someday… I feel much more convinced.”
Can George Anderson really speak to people from beyond the grave?  As much as we might want to believe in George’s abilities, our rational minds tend to discount them.  Still, after seeing George Anderson in action, one might speculate that perhaps there are people who can communicate with the dead.