Forensic DNA Analysis Used To Solve Crimes

Forensic DNA Analysis Used To Solve Crimes

Although OJ was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole and Ronald Goldman, the DNA evidence was compelling. Blood found in Simpson’s Bronco matched that of Goldman. Blood found on Simpson’s sock in his bedroom matched that of Nicole. Blood on a glove found by Simpson’s house also had blood from the crime scene on it. With all this evidence in tact, how could a jury possibly acquit OJ for the murders?


Forensic DNA is just one way to solve a crime, but it has to be collected and stored correctly to be considered uncontaminated. In the OJ Simpson case, the defense argued that the murder scene and the Simpson estate were not separated when evidence was collected. They said that this could have caused the bloodstains found in the Bronco and on OJ’s socks. The glove could have come from anyone. DNA can be very useful in determining who was the killer and who was at a scene, but the collection has to be done according to standards.


The Simpson case was a bad display of how forensic DNA works to help solve crimes. The case was more of a media circus than it was a murder trail. DNA has helped to solve many criminal cases with incredible results. If hair, sweat, blood, skin particles or even a tear is found at a crime scene, forensic scientist can use that sample to search the CODIS database for a match. If no match is found, it is entered into the system and if a DNA sample is ever entered in future years, it will show a match. This has helped solve many unsolved cases.


Forensic DNA will also help eliminate subjects as a possible suspect in a crime. One such instance of this was a cigarette butt found at the scene of a robbery. Even though it took a long time to get the results, the DNA proved useful to solve the crime. The man whose DNA was found at the scene was arrested and in jail for another crime. He was found to be the same person that committed the robbery, arrested, and tried on that case.


Many cold case files are opening up because of the technology and advancement of forensic science and DNA forensic that was not available so many years ago. DNA can lead to many solved cases if the evidence is kept intact over the years. Blood stained clothes, crime scene photos and even skin or hair particles collected can be analyzed today and used to find new information about the person that may have been at the scene.  

The use of DNA evidence will help solve many old cases that remain open due to the lack of forensic technology. As for the OJ Simpson case, he was acquitted and will never be able to be tried for that crime again even if the DNA evidence proved without a doubt to be authentic.