The Black Forest Haunting

The Black Forest Haunting

The Black Forest haunting is considered to be one of the strongest and most inexplicable hauntings on record. When Steve Lee and his wife Beth discovered a large log home in the Black Forest region of northern Colorado in 1991, they rented it and then purchased it one year later.

Within a few weeks of signing the papers on their dream home, strange things started to occur. Lights and household appliances began to turn on and off, and they heard what sounded like people running across their roof. At night, the couple could hear orchestra music playing and chains rattling. Their sons complained of shadowy figures and odd lights in their room, too.

The entire family began to suffer with burning eyes and throats from untraceable chemical odors. Steve Lee quickly decided someone was playing tricks to spook them from their new home, so he decided to fight back. He installed a video surveillance security system with motion detectors to retaliate. However, the system would sound alarms when no one was around.

There were also sixty-two unexplainable break-ins at the property. The local sheriff’s department opened an investigation in early 1993 but could never find evidence of any crime. Steve noticed that security photos and videos had odd streaks of light in them, and faces even appeared on some. He purchased a variety of cameras and continued to capture unexplainable light phenomena such as beams, floating balls, and glowing outlines of humans and animals. Steve and Beth finally relented that some paranormal phenomenon might be responsible for the unexplained events. When 1995 rolled around, they contacted the “Sightings” television show for help.

A film crew was dispatched to their home and documented what the Lees had reported. Popular ghost buster, Echo Bodine, accompanied the film crew and immediately identified what she claimed was the presence of a threatening male spirit in the living room. Thermal imaging cameras captured the ghost, and Bodine said it considered the home to be his. Bodine said she felt the presence of numerous spirits, and the house had a monumental level of paranormal activity.

While the film crew was there, cameras flipped off their tripods and fell to the floor for no apparent reason. While Beth Lee and Echo Bodine were sitting at the kitchen table talking, Beth felt something trying to hold her down, and a member of the film crew claimed she felt a spirit go into her in what she believed was an effort to take over her body.

When the “Sightings” crew returned several months later, they brought along psychic investigator, Peter James. Upon his arrival, he sensed a powerful psychic energy vortex and ultimately felt that a closet on the second floor was the gateway to the “other side.” A nearby mirror frequently reflected apparitions and floating faces and James believed those were spirits searching for the life they once had. Many pictures of the mirror were enhanced and showed countless faces gazing back.

A Hopi shaman claimed the area is a “rainbow vortex,” one of just a few psychic energy spots on earth that supposedly connects this world with the next. Scientists, electromagnetic experts, quantum physicists, and the best paranormal researchers in the country have been to the Lee home, and all agree it is a very active site. Some believe an energy coming from under the house is responsible for the activity.

In more recent years, it has been reported that Robert and Beth Lee came to accept their home as it is and have consistently declined any offers of further investigation. They are reported to have said they wish to live quietly and raise their family in peace now.