Kathy Page

Kathy Page

Kathy Page

A suspicious car wreck turns out to be a cover for murder.

It was early dawn on May 14, 1991, when police in Vidor, Texas, discovered a car wreck.  The woman behind the wheel was dead, her skin cool to the touch.  At first glance, it appeared to be a tragic accident.  But within minutes, puzzling details began to emerge. The dead woman had no obvious wounds and the car was barely damaged.  Soft drinks in the front seat had not even spilled.  The woman’s feet were pushed back against the seat, rather than stretched out toward the pedals.   She wasn’t wearing a seat belt, yet the crash had not thrown her forward.

Ray Moseley was a Detective Sergeant for the Vidor Police Department at the time of the crash:

“Being no damage to the interior of the vehicle and very little… damage to the exterior of the vehicle, and the deepness of the ditch… Plain to see this was a staged incident instead of an accident. So at that point, they felt they had probably a questionable death.” 

The woman was identified as 34-year-old Kathy Page.  She was a wife and mother of two.  Kathy lived just a hundred yards from the crash site.  When police arrived at her home, Kathy’s husband Steve answered the door.  Upon speaking with Steve, Detective Sergeant Moseley became immediately suspicious:

“He said, well, his wife was not home and directly looked straight down the street towards where the car was.  Steve seemed to be quite upset. He began to cry, and at times, threw himself on the couch crying. But yet, he would jump right back up, and we were talking, and there would be no signs of tears in his eyes. This seemed strange to me.”

Police felt the car accident was staged

Police felt the car accident was staged

From that moment on, police concentrated their attention on Kathy’s husband, Steve Page.  However, Page insisted he was innocent:

“Of course I did not kill my wife.  The evidence clearly shows that the perpetrator was someone other than Steve Page.”

Kathy and Steve Page had been married for almost 13 years.  They had two daughters, Erin and Monica.  They seemed like the perfect family.  But according to Steve, the couple had drifted apart in their marriage:

“Mainly she was uncomfortable with who she was, or at least that was what she explained to me, that she didn’t know who she was. She wanted to try to find out who Kathy was. Because of that, we talked about separating for a short period of time and allowing her to hopefully find herself.”

But Kathy’s sister Sherry Valentine disagreed.  She believed their marriage was beyond repair:

“Kathy was definitely moving on in her life at that point because the decision was made for the divorce, and that in itself… was a relief off her back. And she was making plans for that.”

Steve moved out of the house, but said his relationship with Kathy remained friendly.  The next day, Kathy asked him to babysit their daughters while she went out with a friend.  According to Steve, Kathy was getting ready when he arrived:

“She said she was going to meet one of her girlfriends after work.  So I went over there. She left at approximately 11:15 to 11:30 to head to Beaumont to meet her friend.”

By 4:15 AM Kathy Page was dead.  When her body was found, she wasn’t wearing makeup or jewelry. The autopsy showed she had been strangled and her nose was broken.  There were bloodstains on her underwear and skin.  But according to Detective Sergeant Moseley, it was strange that there was no blood on her outer clothing:

“Kathy Page was not killed in her vehicle. She was killed at another location, cleaned up, redressed, and placed back in her vehicle and after the vehicle had been rolled into the ditch.”

Kathy had been with her boyfriend earlier

Kathy had been with her boyfriend earlier

Police reconstructed Kathy’s final hours.  They learned that she had sex shortly before she died.  Kathy did not meet her girlfriend, but instead spent the evening with a male lover.  According to Moseley, the boyfriend admitted that he and Kathy made love on the night she died:

“He came to the police station and gave us a statement, and also voluntarily… gave us a polygraph examination, which he passed with flying colors.”

The autopsy report confirmed that Kathy did have sex on the night she died.  However, the autopsy report included one more critical detail. Kathy’s sex partner had a vasectomy.  The boyfriend had not.  That meant Kathy must have had sex that night with someone else.  Could that man have been Steve Page? He had a vasectomy several months earlier. When police questioned him, he admitted having sex with Kathy, but claimed it was before she went out that night:

“She was getting ready.  She’d just got out of the shower.  I approached her about sex and we had sex before she left.”

But according to Sherry, the romance in Kathy’s marriage had long since vanished:

“I personally don’t believe that happened. She wouldn’t have been with Steve before being with another man.  She hadn’t been with Steve in a long time. He was already sleeping on the couch.”

For Kathy’s sister, there was only one possible scenario:

“I was talking to a sister-in-law of Steve’s, and she said that she knew for a fact that Steve made two phone calls. Steve called this one number and the girl answered, and he hung up. And then the second phone number was called, and they said the name of the hotel, and he hung up. And so he already knew where she might be or was.”

Kathy’s father, James Fulton, believed Steve then became physical:

“I feel like she came in that night, come in the back door, after she gone and parked the car, and he was asleep, sitting in a chair in the front room and when she went on in the bathroom and changed clothes, took her makeup off, took her jewelry and all off… And he heard her probably in the bathroom. And he got up and demanded sex with her or whatever, and got in a fight.”

Her family believed the fight escalated and Steve proceeded to rape Kathy.  They also believed that he strangled her in the process.  However, Steve Page had his own theory about the identity of Kathy’s killer:

“I received threats on the phone that the same thing that happened to my wife could happen to me. There’s a certain person here in Beaumont that… may have been involved. It’s a very prominent family… an Italian family… to let you know that they’re considered part of the Beaumont mafia.”

The murder of Kathy Page has never been solved.  However, Kathy’s family won a wrongful death civil suit against Steve Page.  Police still consider him a person of interest.