Unsolved Mystery of the Phoenix Lights

the Phoenix Lights

the Phoenix Lights

It was March 1997 and the time was between 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM when the skies above the cities of Phoenix, Tucson and Nevada were lit up by some lights in the sky. Thousands of people reported in claiming that they saw the lights which formed a triangle in the sky. The lights spread roughly over three hundred miles. As per the reports the lights that were triangular in shape seemed to be moving over the state where people in Phoenix witnessed stationery lights. The unsolved phenomena of the lights have since been known as the unsolved mystery of the Phoenix Lights.

As per the Government statements that came in later, the stationery lights of Phoenix were the result of flares that had been dropped from A-10 Warthog. It was also claimed that the triangular thing could be an airplane. However those people that saw the lights claimed that it could not be an airplane or flares as the cluster of lights seemed to be moving at a very slow speed. The National Center for UFO Reporting also confirmed the presence of a V-shaped cluster of lights moving towards the northeast.

As per a report published in July 1997, a National Guard pilot claimed that he was behind the dropping of the flares that March night. However witnesses are sure that what they saw were not flares as they were shaped differently. So the mystery still remains whether the moving lights were from a space ship that was flying above the Earth or something else. People are of the view that the lights that were seen that day were from an alien space ship but as the government did not think it wise to cause panic by accepting this, they came up with the stories of flares being dropped. Whatever is the truth, the mystery of Phoenix lights still remains unsolved.