Bigfoot – Real or Not?

Bigfoot – Real or Not

Bigfoot – Real or Not

For more than some 400 years, there have been claims that there is a creature, larger than humans, in the wooded areas of North America. People have reported that when walking in the woods there is a feeling of being watched and followed, although no known instances of attacks on humans have been reporte, but there are photos and videos of Bigfoot.


Once thought to be science fiction, the mystery of Bigfoot is still unresolved as there have just been sightings of large footprints shaped differently than that of a bear and anything else. Whatever photographs and videos that are available have been clicked from a distance making it virtually impossible to assess their authenticity.

There are many unanswered questions as to the breeding of the creature, its origin, its eating habits, its dwelling etc. The problem in finding answers to the questions related to the Bigfoot is the fact that the sightings that have been reported come from varied regions and with little things in common, finding a link has been difficult.

For those that claim that Bigfoot does not exist, have many things in their favor as no conclusive evidence points to the existence of the creature. Some people are also of the view that if such a creature does exist, it could be a result of some cloning technique gone wrong. Whether Bigfoot is for real is the real question. Those that believe in Bigfoot vouch for the large footprints, photographs and pictures of the creature. However until more evidence is found, it is still not conclusive to state that such a creature exists.

Therefore stories and myths continue to debate over the existence of a paranormal creature, the Bigfoot. Nothing conclusive has been reported and so the mystery of Bigfoot still remains.