Dan Cooper Dubbed D.B. Cooper Mystery

Dan Cooper Dubbed D.B. Cooper Mystery

The plane was over water and he had to have died. A young boy had found $5,880 in Washington State on the Columbia River banks. That was all the money ever found of the $200,000 in used $20 bills. The rest of the money was never found and neither was the body of Dan Cooper.


What ever happened to D.B. Cooper? No body was ever found, but then, why would it if he jumped to his death in the ocean. What ever happened to all that other money? Did someone find it and just not report it? Did Cooper survive his jump and live under an assumed name?


Some years later, a man named Duane Weber, husband of Jo Weber gave his wife a deathbed confession. He said he was Dan Cooper. She went on to say that he said he could not find the bucket that he put the $173,000 in. Jo Weber was sedated when she announced the facts about the money in a bucket. Jo said that all the signs were there but she never put it together.


Duane had told her about a knee injury he sustained jumping out of a plane. He knew how to make flares look like a bomb. Duane had nightmares that he had fingerprints left on a plane. Jo had found a ticket for the Northwest Seattle-Tacoma plane, but it later disappeared. She saw a moneybag in a cooler that resembled the moneybag from the plane. Was Duane Weber really Dan Cooper? Did he survive and hide the money? The couple did take a trip to Seattle to see the Columbia River. Was the money buried by the riverbank?


Forensic teams reconstructed D.B. Coopers face and aged it only to say that there were similar characteristics.  Duane Weber was in prison in Seattle and had a lengthy criminal record. He knew the Seattle area very well. The fact that he said this on his deathbed was another reason to believe that Duane Weber was Dan Cooper.


With all the evidence that was given to the FBI, they still found that there was not enough evidence to say that Duane Weber was indeed Dan Cooper. Today, no one has ever found any money on the banks of the Columbia River. If they did, they never reported it. The case of D.B. Cooper remains a mystery or is it. Did the FBI have enough reason to say that Duane Weber was not the same man? Were did he get all the money to start his life over as Duane Weber? When he met the future Mrs. Weber, he wrapped a hundred dollar bill around a champagne bottle to ask her to join him. Does this sound like a man throwing money around? 

You be the judge. Did Dan Cooper die in 1971 or did he die many years later?