The Black Dahlia Mystery

The Black Dahlia Mystery

The Black Dahlia’s body was badly mutilated and brutalized. The last time anyone seen Ms Short alive was at the L.A. Biltmore Hotel on the night of January 15, 1947. She had traveled to Hollywood to become a star. Elizabeth was only 22 years old at the time of her death. Why was she killed? Who would cut a body in half and dissect her? What kind of person could do something so horrendous to a beautiful young girl in the prime of her life?


The killer taunted investigators. The killer would send little notes that said, “Catch me if you can.” There were other woman killed and those murders were never solved as well. Could it be that the other murders were related? Was it possible there was a copycat murder looking for attention? None of the murders were ever solved, even those investigators received numerous confessions that turned out to be false. Is it possible that one of those supposedly false confessions could have been the killer taunting the police another way?


On former detective, who later became a private investigator, had said that his father George Hodel had committed the murders of Jeanne French and Elizabeth Short. He said that he had the proof, but police ignored the evidence as a way to cover up medical records of some powerful people and police. If George would have been arrested, except police felt he would open up medical records of these people. George left the country never to be heard from again. He died in 1991. His son had asked for the investigation to be reopened. Did this man kill Elizabeth Short? The only people that could know for sure are dead.


Was the unsolved crime covered up and forgotten about because of some powerful people were maybe involved? Was the doctor really the one to kill these two women or was it the son who, was at the time, a detective. He has the evidence to prove his father killed these two women, but nobody wants that information. Was the Elizabeth Short murder related to something we do not even know about? She was only 22 years old. What could be the reason to close her murder file and forget about her?


What was in the medical files of all these powerful people? Why would medical records of other people matter in a murder investigation? The murder happened so long ago, but it will never be forgotten. Someone knows something. Someone has the proof of the killer. Why is it that the murder was never solved? Did George Hodel kill Jeanne and Elizabeth? Maybe some day, someone will want more answers. Will it be too late to punish someone for these crimes? Is the murderer dead or alive? Why was the Black Dahlia killed that cold January night?