Psychic John Catchings

Psychic John Catchings

Psychic John Catchings

Psychic John Catchings was used on many cases that left police without any clue to who committed a crime or in what order the crime was committed.

Catchings, who was successful about 60% of the time, believed that psychics could never be 100% right about any crime. His mother Bertie was also a physic that gave many predictions and predicted back in 1985 that road maps would be replaced with dashboard computers, which cam true with the invention of the GPS systems.


The Lake Waco murders in 1982 left police with no leads. Several physics gave little bits of information and here and there, but it wasn’t until Catchings was called in that police got the clues that they needed. The three children were buried and their families wanted some answers as to who was responsible for taking their children from them. Lake Waco police called in detective Catchings, who visited the crime scene and saw three men, but only one kill the kids on a flat bottom boat.


He then went on to inform the police that a woman with dark hair and in her 20′s would be able to help them with the identity of the three men. It just so happened that the police had already suspected a 19-year-old woman with brunette hair as knowing more than she had told police. The woman was a known liar that knew a man named Muneer Deeb through her imprisoned boyfriend David Spencer. Deeb had told a friend that knew one of the victims that he had killed the trio. However, investigators questioned him and he passed a polygraph and was released.


As it turned out Deeb was the murderer. Detective Truman Simons was able to piece together everything after collecting more information from other physics that also gave information about the case.


In 1989, a 12-year-old Hallsville, Texas girl disappeared and Catchings predicted where they would discover her body in 1990, a year later. He said that her body would be found buried in her parents driveway. No body was found, but Catchings gave police six more places that turn up nothing. As he had said, predictions are not 100%.


The unexplained is what people cannot believe. Catchings help with solving the murder of an 18-year-old girl that was abducted in 1982. Sherry Eyerly was a pizza delivery driver in Oregon when she disappeared. Catchings had reported that her ghost appeared and this led to the probable murder suspect.


Although Catchings has helped with many cases, one Maryland police sergeant does not believed that Catchings was physic, but highly observant when he helped to solve the case of murder. Mary Cook was murdered in the 1980s and John was called in to help with the case. Sgt Stinnett believes that Catchings would have made a good detective, but did not think that he had any powers, supernatural or other.