Bermuda Triangle Flight 19

Bermuda Triangle Flight 19

Bermuda Triangle Flight 19

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the greatest unexplained mysteries of modern times. The Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devil’s Triangle, is the area in between Bermuda, Miami, and San Juan.

Over the years, there have been countless disappearing ships, boats, planes, and other mysterious happenings.  Each incident is bizarre and defies explanation.  While human error and acts of nature might be a cause for some incidents, the mystery overall is strange and unexplainable.  Many believe that the area can be linked with the paranormal or even extraterrestrial.

One of the most famous Bermuda Triangle mysteries are the disappearing planes of Flight 19.  On December 5, 1945, the training group of fliers reported eerie phenomena.  “We can’t find west. Everything is wrong. We can’t be sure of any direction. Everything looks strange, even the ocean.”  This was reported by the leader as he communicated back to the tower. These fliers were receiving the best training in the world.  How could something so unexpected and strange happen?


Twenty minutes passed, and then another flier began communicating back with the tower.  Apparently, the first flier handed his leadership and command over to this flier in midflight.  Why?  The new leader was extremely upset, as his voice was trembling and even hysterical at some points. He continues on for several minutes talking incoherently.  Finally, he speaks the last chilling words ever heard from Flight 19:  “It looks like we are entering white water … We’re completely lost.”


Flight 19 then disappeared forever.  Never seen nor heard from again.  Despite the fact that a rescue mission went underway immediately, no evidence, debris, or ANYTHING was ever found.  A Mariner flying boat went straight to the area of Flight 19′s last estimated position and found only clear skies, calm waters, and normal winds.  After an extensive search and investigation, the Navy Board of Inquiry stated, “We are not able to even make a good guess as to what happened.” And that was that.


To this day, nothing has ever been found of Flight 19.  Speculation as to what could have happened ranges from something as sinister as alien abduction to the idea of “subliminal distraction.”  The original leader had spent such a long time living within closed space of the barracks, could he have become disoriented out in the wide open sky?  Could he have been in an altered state and lost all sense of direction?  The second leader, whom he apparently handed his command over to, was less experienced and may have been confused himself.   In the end, the disorientation and confusion resulted in a crash.


Still, even if all this were true, why has there been no evidence of a crash? After all these years, why has there been no physical debris found whatsoever?  Not just from Flight 19, but from many of the other disappearing planes and ships becoming lost in Bermuda Triangle.  Could there be logical explanations for everything?  Or could it really all be a bit more?  And if so, what?  Alien abductions?  Portals to other dimensions?  Some even wonder if the lost city of Atlantis is at the bottom of Bermuda Triangle, somehow having a connection with the lost planes and ships.  Maybe someday we’ll find some answers, but for now, all we can do is wonder at the mysteries surrounding The Bermuda Triangle.