When Dead Bodies Speak

When Dead Bodies Speak

According to the investigation proceeded in this respect, it was revealed that Leroy Drieth, who was eighteen years old, unfortunately slammed his car into a tree, while he was returning from his girl friend’s home in Mead, on the Memorial Day, in the year 1968. He died instantly and the entire case was summoned as a suicide.

But it was only twenty five years later, when the family of Leroy requested for an autopsy. It was Vickie Mahrling, sister of Leroy who always felt that her brother had been murdered.

She strongly believed that the authorities had let her dead brother down by not further investigating into the entire episode and simply labeling it as a suicide. She also divulged that she would not have ever rested in peace if further investigation would not have had been done in this regard.

Due to these reasons, the body of Leroy was later exhumed.
It was later revealed that it was his girlfriend’s Patty’s party was the last destination where Leroy went before his death.
It was Leroy’s father and his brother who had the first encounter of the injured Leroy. Henry, his father revealed that the he ran for the medics.

The ambulance driver, Delbert Mikkelson revealed that one of the bystanders had revealed that Leroy had a nasty fight with his girlfriend, due to which he had already decided to kill himself.

Due to the manner in which the events unfolded, it was decided that there was not necessity of an autopsy.  Thus, the entire case was labelled as auto suicide.

Though, Freda Bruce, Leroy’ s mother did go to the district attorney, but she was only summoned as a distraught parent.

But, the discovery of knife wounds was extremely startling.
It was Vickie who later published an ad to search for Patty and it was later informed that she had never disclosed to anyone that Leroy and she had a fight.

Though, she was a bit reluctant, Vickie felt that Patty knew the answers.

Moreover, it was Dr. Patrick Allen, the forensic pathologist, who had made the startling discovery that Leroy’s body had actually sustained two stabs at the neck region. The wounds were around two inches long.

Thus, after this discovery, Leroy’s death was changed from the label of auto-suicide to the “undetermined” case.

Though, every time, the case was tried to be investigated, everything hinted to Patty’s home.

Carolyn Wertz, who is Patty’s sister in law informed that Leroy and Patty’s family did have a heated argument on racial issues. Vickie thinks that while Patty was showing Leroy the way to his car, one of the family members must have stabbed her brother.

At present, Vickie is still trying her level best to investigate the matter.