Mysterious Megalithic Structures

Mysterious Megalithic Structures

Mysterious Megalithic Structures

Stonehenge, great pyramid of Giza, Pyramid of the Sun, Easter Island Heads, Central America Pyramids: what do all of these have in common? They’re just a few of the mysterious megalithic structures that baffle us all.

A megalith is a structure made out of giant rock.  It could be a monument, statue, or some strange pattern consisting of giant rocks.

These structures aren’t just found in one area of the world.  In fact, they are found all across the globe.  Every culture has an architectural oddity in the form of giant rocks, often weighing around 1,000 tons each.

Stonehenge.  This megalithic structure is found in the Salisbury plains of England.  These giant stones, which weigh at around 40 tons each, are believed to have came from quarries far away. 

·Egyptian’s great pyramid of Giza.  This great pyramid truly lives up to its name.  It contains over two million stones weighing an average of 2.5 stones each.

·Easter Island statues.  This Polynesian Island is one of the most isolated places on Earth. How, then, were the giant statues gathered and taken there?  Each giant stone has a rather strange face carved on it.  We know that the statues have been there for at least three centuries, due to reports from early 18th century Europeans who came across the Island.

·The Trilithon in Baalbek, Lebanon.  This structure consists of three very large stone blocks, weighing in around 800 – 1000 tons each!  These three giant rocks are known to be the largest “building” blocks ever used by human kind! 

·Carnac stones. This megalithic collection, located in the village of Carnac in Brittany, France, consists of a large number of stones.  An estimated 3,000 or so stones stands at this site—all in a perfect straight line.  No one is certain as to when they were built, although it’s believed they’ve been standing there since at least 3,300 BC!  They appear to have been built during the Neolithic period.  According to legend, though, Merlin the Magician turned a Roman legion into those stones. 

There are many more megalithic structures found around the world.  We may never know how they were built, or who built them.  Some believe that they were built by aliens. Others believe that the ancients had more advanced technology than we realize.  Could it have been the Atlanteans, or some other long lost civilization, who had the knowledge and technology to build such structures?  Some would like to think so.  In reality though, the explanation is probably much more simple—our ancestors were probably more intelligent and capable than we give them credit for.