The Unsolved Mystery Of The Chicago Tylenol Murders

The Unsolved Mystery Of The Chicago Tylenol Murders

This was the first ever case where someone had tampered with a product and caused death. The person responsible was never found. Why was the person never found? What factory was responsible for making and bottling the Tylenol? What type of person could do something like this? Johnson & Johnson was the name manufacturer, but who was the actual maker of the product? Yes, the tampering sparked new packaging requirements for over the counter drugs, but all that did was cover up the murders.

The people that died lived in different areas of Chicago. There were seven victims of the Tylenol tampering. It was soon pieced together and determined that all the victims had taken Tylenol before their deaths. The factories could not have been at fault since all the bottles cam from different factories. However, because the deaths were limited to the Chicago area, it was thought that a person had gone around to the stores and tampered with the bottles of Tylenol. It was thought that the person would take the bottles from the store and then bring them back filled with potassium cyanide poisoning.

Police found three bottles that were still on the shelves and had the five bottles that were brought and used by the victims. Johnson & Johnson halted production and did a nationwide recall of all the Tylenol products. Then it was learned that only capsules were involved in the tampering. One person took credit for the Tylenol tampering. James Lewis said he did it and demanded money, but after his arrest, it was determined that he had nothing to do with the tampering. He was just an extortionist trying to cash in and served a thirteen-year prison term for attempted extortion.

Roger Arnold was suspected, but found to have no connection to the tampering, but he sought out the tavern owner that he thought turned him in and thought he had killed him, but had shot the wrong man. He served a fifteen-year prison term. Then they thought that a mental illness patient had done the tampering since she had a history of poisoning attempts and did the murder/ suicide at a grade school, but that answer died with Laurie Dann, when she committed suicide.

The Tylenol Murders were never solved and will probably never be solved. What did happen shocked the nation. More tampering deaths occurred with Excedrin. One death was in Chicago. Was it the same person? Are there other deaths that were never linked to the tampering? What type of sick mind would do this to people they did not even know? Why would someone do this? Was it for the attention? Senseless deaths because someone wanted to see people die. There may come a day when someone who has information about the Tylenol tampering comes forward, but it may never happen if the person is dead.