What Happened to Jeremy Bright?

What Happened to Jeremy Bright

The question remains today. What happened to Jeremy Bright after he left the house for the 1986 Coos County Fair? Jeremy was 14 years old at the time he disappeared. His mother had said that he gone to his stepfathers house during the week of the fair and was never seen again. His sister, who is now married said that her and her brother never missed the fair and that year was just like any other week.


Jeremy has been missing for over twenty-two years and no sign of him or what might have happened to him has ever evolved. There is no sign of Jeremy anywhere and police have looked under every rock and in every known water source. Jeremy seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. Police believe that Jeremy is still in Coos County, but they feel that he is dead and have called the search for him as a homicide case.


No one knows for sure if Jeremy made it to the fair or not since he never met his sister at the Ferris wheel at 5:00pm as planned. It seems that everyone remembers seeing Jeremy on Thursday but that was the last time. So, the question remains, what happen to Jeremy Bright and where is he?


The rumor mill started and some aren’t that far fetched. Some think that a demented carnival worker took him and some think that he was abducted by beamed up into a spaceship. Some have said that they believe he is buried in the hills or even eaten by a bear. Nevertheless, some thin that Jeremy left voluntary with the carnival that he loved so much. If this was so, then why had he not contacted any of his family to let them no that he is okay.


Jeremy’s sister told police that she saw Jeremy talking to two men at the fair. Being protective of his sister, no one believes that Jeremy went off on his own and left his 9-year-old sister all alone. There are suspects that have never been cleared because they are not cooperating with police, but still, one has to wonder, where a kid that everyone knows could disappear to in this small town in Coos County.


Jeremy’s mother isn’t interested in finding the person responsible for his disappearance as must as she wants to find him and lay him to rest if police are right and he was a homicide case. She wants to know where her son is so she can say good-bye.


What happened to Jeremy Bright? Since police have searched everywhere and not found him, is it possible that there is another reason for his disappearance? Could it be an abduction of some type that we refuse to consider or even believe possible? Jeremy hasn’t been found for over twenty years, so where is he or where is his body? No one knows and if someone does, they are not talking even after all these years.