The Unsolved Crime Of The Grimes Sisters

The Unsolved Crime Of The Grimes Sisters

Where were the girls prior to their bodies being discovered? The girls left there home on South Damen Avenue to go to a Elvis Presley movie about a mile away. They never returned home and were never seen again until the day their bodies were found.


The girls were seen at the movie theater buying popcorn. That was about 9:30 PM. Then the girls were seen on a bus at 11:00 PM. That was the last time the girls were seen that could be confirmed. Twenty-five days later, the bodies of Barbara and Patricia were found frozen and naked by the banks of the Devil’s Creek by Cook County.


Classmates said they saw the girls the day after they disappeared and a train conductor saw them on a train and numerous others reported seeing the girls, but no hard evidence was ever found to confirm these sightings. The one sighting that stands out is from three Kresge employees that said that they saw the two girls listening to Elvis Presley music by the record counter. That reported sighting was on January 3.


The search was believed to be that of a missing persons rather than abduction, even though Mrs. Grimes said her daughters would never run away. Elvis Presley even issued a statement asking them to go home. Elvis was the girl’s idol. The girls never returned home. The bodies were found and the girls, Patricia and Barbra were dead. What happened to the Grimes sisters? Why did all these people say that they saw the girls? Why did the clerks at Kresge say the girls were listening to songs by Elvis Presley? That could have been very possible.


Autopsies revealed nothing. Investigators were confused since so many people had said they saw the girls. A classmate’s mother was woken in the middle of the night by a frantic phone call for her daughter on January 14. The mother said she believed the voice was that of Patricia Grimes. How could that be if she was already dead? The cause of death could not be agreed on nor could the time of death. Three pathologists were unsure. Without a time of death, investigators were at a loss. 


How could investigators look for suspects when the time of death was unknown as well as the exact cause of death? The girls died of exposure and shock, but that was all that was concluded. Investigators interviewed over three hundred thousand people and only 2000 thousand were seriously interviewed. The investigators had a handful of suspects, but without actually cause of death or time of death, how could they find the person responsible for Patricia and Barbra Grimes death. The case is old, but someone could still be alive that knows what happened to the girls after they left the theater that cold night in December of 1956.