Paranormal Happenings Or Not?

Paranormal Happenings Or Not?

The Iowa Villisca House was the scene of ax murders and is said to have unexplained happenings occurring within the walls. What happen in this house is documented as the worst murder that the community has ever seen or heard about and they now know that some of the spirits of the victims have remained in the home. The victims were the Moore family and two visiting children from the Stillinger family. An ax murderer had killed the family. Although police had their suspects, no one was ever convicted of the crimes.

The Linns purchased the home in 1994, just before it was to be razed. The intention was to restore the house back to its original state when the murders occurred. The home was then entered into the National Register of Historical Places. It is said that many strange things happen to people who are in the house. Although nothing was ever officially documented, it is possible that the Moore’s or some of them still live in the house waiting for justice.

In Missouri, Pikes Lodge is a place where paranormal happenings occur. It is said that a woman spirit usually only shows herself to small groups of people. However, at a large gathering, the music sound stop, the light were turned off and the guests were left with an eerie feeling. Many neighbors report hearing unexplained noises coming from the lodge when no one is around. A little girl plays in the halls at night. There was a little girl killed when the building was school. There neighbors hear laughing, doors slamming and windows appear to be shaking.

In Hall of Waters in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, people have reported seeing a boy by a pool area. In Odell Sports Center, some have heard a door slam in the locker room, a man laugh and have seen a man in the shower. Many of these paranormal happening have some history behind them, as to why it is happening. Many are not investigated because it has become a way of life for people that work or live in the buildings.

Ghostly sounds have been recorded in many areas as well. The Battleship North Carolina has a recording of an unidentified voice. In Raleigh, a voice recording captures a baby crying. It is said that a baby did die in the Mordecai home long ago. On time, a camera operator was making a joke, when the video was replayed, an unidentified voice was heard mimicking the camera operator. With all the new technology that helps investigators learn about the unexplained, it is only a matter of time before someone finds answers to why spirits remain on earth.

There are many such reports throughout the United States and other countries. Many are unexplained, but some are believed to be that of someone that died in that particular location. The unexplained and paranormal happenings will continue throughout the years. There are always going to be new reports and new encounters. The world of the unknown is a mystery to many, but many investigators and physics believe that they are lost soles who want to remain on earth or want justice for any wrong doings against them. This may be the case in many unexplained occurrences. However, many ghostly happenings are related to years past and may never find a happy ending, leaving the ghost to move around the buildings they haunt forever. Some spirit however are ghosts that do not want to leave a place that made them happy. For the most part, ghosts are friendly, but can be harsh if they feel threatened.