The Unsolved Mystery of Area 51

The Unsolved Mystery of Area 51

Area 51 is a military base that has been a unsolved mystery for years. Is there a UFO on the base? Are there aliens being held captive on the base?

Why did the government deny any existence of Area 51? Could it be that there are toxic chemicals on the grounds? Why is the base so heavily guarded? More questions arise every day about the existence of Area 51. People want to know what is so important on the base that has been kept secret for so many years. Are there really pictures that have been smuggled out of the base? If so, why are these pictures not showing up anywhere?


Supposedly, pictures have been taken inside depicting dead or living aliens. They have shown a spacecraft that looks like a futuristic design. If these blurry pictures or videos are the real thing, why does the government still deny any of these accusations? Was there a spacecraft captured with aliens onboard? Is it possible that the government has something planned for the aliens? Are they trying to learn about them? Are they killing them to see what they are composed of? The more one thinks about Area 51, the more questions become known.


Here is what is known about area 51. In April of 1955, Groom Lake was a site to test the U-2. In July of that year, the first U-2 was shipped and Area 51 was completed. In June of 1958, more than thirty-eight hundred acres where used to make a perimeter around the area for security measures. In November of the same year, the A-12 was received at Area 51. The airspace restriction was expanded in January of 1962. The population of the base rose above eighteen hundred in 1965.


The prototype F117 was shipped to Area 51 in 1977 and in 1981, the first production of the F117 was taken to Area 51. Then we know that in 1984 the perimeter of the base was expanded by another eighty-nine hundred acres. Then in 1988, a satellite from the Soviet Union has pictures of Area 51 that were released to publications including “Popular science.” Whiteside peak and Freedom Ridge were taken away from public access in 1995.


It would seem that the base is being used for military operations that are beneficial to the United States welfare against war and invasion. If this is true, then why are there so many reports and pictures that depict something different about Area 51? Why so much security for the F117 and the U-2? Was there some type of toxic chemical being made on the base? The government said that what is going on by Grooms Lake is classified and would not comment any further.


Is there something not human living on the base? Why is there so much security? Why did they keep increasing the security perimeter around Area 51? What is hiding in Area 51? Can it hurt the citizens of the United States or can it help us?