2000 ago the startled world castle which constructed with a megalith!

In vast expanses of the Saudi Arabian desert, the sand was found by a boulder in a castle of its appearance with concise line, the other side and angular shapes and stone natural original style and features, formed a huge contrast, such wonders really is amazing!

In the face of such scene, you will think: who built it? Why are made? It’s in the desert of this bird does not lay eggs lonely how long?

This construction for the original Qasr al – Farid, means “lonely” castle, built in the first century AD, namely the nabataean (Nabatean kingdom) era, there are hundreds of similar sites, can let a person associate to nowadays sculpture city of Petra Jordan region.

The “lonely castle” is not really the castle, but an unfinished tomb, also because of its outstanding appearance, we would see this kind of stone buildings have been carved by the complete a sandstone, with Egypt, Greece, and the cultural style of Assyria.

Represents the social status of the dead, the size of the stone and castle “lonely” in terms of scale is the largest of 131 graves in the region, and the dry weather is it the best protection, let it unscathed after nearly 2000 years!

Mysteries revealed after the tourists from all over the world are going on, and around these sites have become a member of the United Nations world heritage site, so now the castle “lonely” would not be so lonely anymore!

Life is the most beautiful scenery in addition to people, or more than to step out of the comfort zone look like a “world heritage” to its name!!!!!