human expected contact with aliens after thousand years

Just know from our current figures, the universe is a very vast place. In the whole universe, in addition to our human, seem to have other living organisms exist. Well, where are they? This is the essence of the Fermi paradox, the Fermi paradox is expounded for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations overestimated and the contradiction between the lack of evidence, proposed by the physicist Enrico Fermi.

Regarding this, US Cornell University’s some scientist have carried on a new analysis, it was suggesting before, in us can truly exchanges with the alien, possibly also needs very long period of time – - about about 1500.

In the new study, there is no new information about the life of the universe, and more, it is a possibility for analysis. For an alien signal, we have been doing their best to find for many years, however, there is no substantial results. Therefore, we can contact to aliens is the most likely way, such as they contact us directly. Fortunately, over the years, we’ve been to the signal in space. And Cornell university institute of new attention is, how to let the human signals in space continue to spread.

Our ac signal are communicated to the surrounding earth within 80 light-years of thousands of stars, from the point of the present results, we have not received any reply. However, even if there really is what alien life is devotedly to watch the sky, waiting for news and other living things received our messages, they also have to find our position, first find out what our signals, then decide how to reply to our signals (or, do you want to reply signal). In addition, the researchers also needs to be called a “mediocrity principle (mediocrity principle)” theory into account, because the earth is just a very ordinary planet, so probably aliens don’t like we are interested in them.

Combining the Fermi paradox and average principle, the report suggests that, after 1500, half of the entire galaxy is strewn with the signal of life on earth, then we can wait for the alien back to the news. Of course, is not a rated 1500 deadline, just said, after 1500, the possibility that we can come into contact with the aliens will rise a lot. And when we can contact with alien life? May be in the distant future, also may be the next second.