Lop Nor one of China’s four big no man’s land

No man’s land for ordinary people is afraid of fear, and is a challenge for adventurers. In xinjiang and Tibet of China’s four big famous areas, sparsely populated, there is full of mystery, become the explorers “camp”.

China’s big four systematically areas: Lop Nor, Ahl gold, cocoa syli, Tibet Qiang pond.

Lop Nor, lake in southeast China’s xinjiang uygur autonomous region. Because the shape is like a human ear, lop nur is known as the “ears” of the earth; Also known as “sea of death”, also named rob 4 (nao) and then to, the modification of the geological engineering here into the city of “hope”. The pre-qin geographical classics shanhaijing is called a “young ze,” has said 泑 ze, salt marshes, PuChangHai, etc. Lop-nor Mongolian speech translation, meaning is the lake of water collection. In eastern tarim basin, at an altitude of 780 meters, is located in the lowest place of the tarim basin, the tarim river, which, qiemo river, shule river converge to for China’s second largest salt water lake. A.D. 330 years ago, the lake is more, the northwest edge of loulan city to the famous “silk road” of the throat, then, the influence of water conservancy projects due to climate change and human causes a decline in the upstream inflow, until dry, now only for large salt crust.

Moving the mystery

The earliest to xinjiang to investigate the Chinese and foreign scientists have argued the exact location of the lop nur were systematically stud Ed, eventually did not solve, led to more intense argument “wandering” lop nur were systematically stud Ed said. This saying is presented by the Swedish explorer sven hedin, exist between the north and the south lake, he thought the lop nur were systematically stud Ed due to large amounts of river water into the lake with sediment deposition after pushed up the lake, the lake is natural to another flow to lower place, for many years, pushing up the bottom due to wind erosion will be down again, the lake back again, the cycle of 1500 years.

refined · hertz the theory, although has got the world in general, but opponents to this question is not in the minority. Scientists in China, according to the results of the research of lop nur were systematically stud Ed also questioned and denied moving to lop nur were systematically stud Ed said. The debate on this issue, however, the ghost of lop nur were systematically stud Ed lakes, more feel uncertain.

The mystery of his big ears

On the many mysteries of lop nur were systematically stud Ed debate, a wave of something new. In July, 1972, NASA’s earth resource satellite photos of lop nur were systematically stud Ed, lop nur resembles one ear, not only have a helix, ear canal, and even the earlobe. For the ear of the earth is how? It is thought that this is mainly from late fifties day south slope of flooding. Flood flow into the lake basin, through the desert, pouring a large amount of sediment, shock, corrosion the original dry lake basin, and according to the flow direction, forming prominent annular stripe underwater. The delicate landscape changes because of the dry lake bed, affected the change of the local composition, it is bound to affect the spectrum characteristics of dry lake beds, forming a “big ears”. But others take a different view, scientists have debated, debate, debate may be the lop nur were systematically stud Ed will never end.

Weird mystery

Face, to uncover lop nur were systematically stud Ed through the ages, many explorers deep one risk one’s life, there is no lack of solemn and stirring story, with more lop nur were systematically stud Ed mysterious veil. Region has lop nur were systematically stud Ed on the Asian continent is a “devil’s triangle”, the ancient silk road through it, through the ages many ghosts in the wandering, skeletons are everywhere. Here on eastern jin monk faxian westbound buddhist scriptures and wrote that “many of shahe devil hot meet a person is dead, there is no complete person…” . Many people have of thirst in the not far from the spring, unbelievable things happen from time to tome.

In 1949, from chongqing to di-hua (urumqi) of an aircraft, missing over the shanshan county. Found it is in the east in lop nur were systematically stud Ed in 1958, killing all personnel, curiously, the plane was flying northwest, why the sudden change flights to fly to south?

In 1950, the people’s liberation army however forces a marshals is missing, and after more than 30 years, after geological team unexpectedly in hundred kilometers south bank of the lop nur were systematically stud Ed away from the scene of the Philippine trench was found in his body.

On June 17, 1980, the famous scientist Peng Jiamu when missing in lop nur were systematically stud Ed, country deployed aircraft, military, police dog, spent a great deal of manpower material resources, to carry on the carpet search, but found nothing.

In 1990, hami seven people by looking for a passenger car to lop nur were systematically stud Ed crystal mineral, gone. Two years later, people found 3 mummified bodies lying under a steep slope. The car distance 30 kilometers, others are missing.

In the summer of 1995, milan farm worker three people on a Beijing jeep treasure to lop nur were systematically stud Ed and missing. Later explorers from loulan 17 km found the bodies of two people, no explainable cause of death, the other people missing, incredible is their car in good condition, will not lack water, gasoline.

In June 1996, the Chinese explorers Yu Chunshun walking alone in the lop nur were systematically stud Ed went missing during the expedition. When helicopter found his body, forensic dead 5 days, is neither a suicide is not murder, a strong is died of what the hell is he?

Lop nur the mystery of the world, mysterious desert, one thousand years people confused for you, to think, debate, and even die.

Lop nur, when people can uncover your mysterious veil?