Bizarre!Hebei buried a 14 years old man body still not rot

Before cremated, cultured after death is a grave, but it is because this is today we see so many bizarre story, one of the most common is many years dead bodies still not decay. Today he is said to be one of the most famous folk in the fourteenth year after the death of the corpse of bizarre stories.

Filed after the death of the old man Zhou Fengchen xianghe mysterious not rot, a lot of people heard in ten years ago, now we can still be found on the Internet a lot of relevant information, in some reports, people always put the old man not corruption phenomenon and the soul, what ghosts relates in together, to add a lot of mystery, the incident then Zhou Fengchen xianghe old man actually is a what kind of person, died after euro analysis has experienced what to make of her body has not been corrupted? The old man’s body what is the status now?

Xianghe county, hebei province in 1992, an ordinary old man died 14 years body still not rot, was the old man to make up fairy, or some kind of mysterious force?

Xianghe county, hebei province in 1992, an ordinary village, there was a mystery: a common physical strange changes have taken place after the old man’s death. Some people say that the old man to make up fairy, a mysterious force, others say the old man fell asleep, over time will wake up. Old man named Zhou Fengchen, is an ordinary peasant women, died at the age of 88. The next two or three years, there are many media have reported the event. When the old man what happened change can let people vary? The old man can really wake up?

Xianghe county, hebei province, is located in the southeast of Beijing, there is a small village called hu zhuang zi 14 years ago, in 1992, an ordinary old man’s death, hanging to the small village with a layer of mysterious color. Body after death does not rot and intact, the news quickly spread through the village, some people say that the old lady became immortal, others doubt families do what with the old man, an incident that opinions vary, mysterious, and at the same time, several newspapers reported the news at home and abroad, xianghe old man body corrosion events at that time not be pass. Until today is still a lot of people in a strange thing happened.