Monster giant bodies washed up The dolphin body covered with fur and beak

Scientists suspect may be the prehistoric creatures.Russia’s Sakhalin Island (Island of Sakhalin) Mr Joerres g shah Airport (Shakhtersk Airport) near the sea, has been found the bodies of a monster, as are larger than a human, the whole body covered with fur, has a long neck and beak shape mouth. Scientists suspect that this may be from permafrost (permafrost) prehistoric creatures, because of permafrost is decomposed to the surface.

the daily mail reported that beast body shape is long and narrow, the whole body covered with fur, no dorsal fin was a triangle hump, the head also presents the tip shape, the mouth is like a bird’s beak. To present confused, some people think that this is only mutation big dolphin.Sakhalin island fishing and oceanic administration division, vice minister nicole ray (Nikolay Kim) said that “the appearance was observed, it is a rare species, should be bring the waters warm tropical creatures.” Scientists analyzed, monster body wrapped in filamentous algae (filamentous algal), may come from permafrost decomposition of the prehistoric creatures.