Missing the plane intact, but empty

In 1985, a missing almost half a century of double jet, a dagger in New Guinea was found in a forest swamp. Can not understand is that this plane looks like it is missing, the brand new no old variation. Mark clear can contend in the fuselage, according to this silver shiny plane is 48 years ago people from Manila to piano island of which I missing an airliner.

A group sent by the Indonesian military aviation experts, after a few hours in this “like new” passenger plane after investigation, when all was changed and shock. Be responsible for the investigation of the departments when both ordered troops cordoned off the plane. Investigators initially saw the machine, could hardly believe their eyes: b: it’s the outside covering crust is made of the new, the fuselage completely without blemish, is like a mirror shining in the sun. Investigators thought machine door must gave birth to rust, it is difficult to open, but it was a twisted off, without a hint of “chirp” sound. After entering the cabin, don’t see any living or dead. But the cabin free of paper, cigarette butts, a few no yellowing newspaper in 1937; Recently it has been flown.

In 1984, a sunny day, suddenly appeared on the beach in northern Mexico five U.S. military aircraft. The fuselage, storage tank of petrol, but in the engine room is empty and deserted. Was invited to appraisal of the experts think that they are both suddenly missing over the sea of Bermuda in 1945 that 5 aircraft. But it is still in dispute. Because the aircraft serial number has been proposed. No matter how conclusion, enlivens the fact is there is no denying the fact of the missing aircraft.