More than 3,000 people report sightings of a UFO over Belgium

Hundreds of eyewitnesses report the UFO

Hundreds of eyewitnesses report the UFO

Since 1989, thousands of people have reported mysterious lights and shapes in the skies over Brussels, Belgium. Almost all the witnesses describe the same object:

“Basically, what we saw was this big triangle object with three bright white lightings in the corners.”

“In the middle was a flashing red light. It passed by, approaching the roofs, since it was flying so low.”

“You could see three white lights which formed an equilateral triangle.”

The mystery of the Belgian UFOs began on November 29, 1989, near the small town of Eupen, less than seven miles from the German border. Gendarmes Heinrich Nicoll and Hubert Von Montigny were on a routine patrol. Heinrich described what he and his partner witnessed that night:

“As we approached the crossroads at Nuevos Road, our attention was drawn to an unusual sight. We saw a field near the road that was all lit up. It was like lights on a huge football field. We thought it was strange, and we wanted to know what was causing those lights. There was a huge triangular platform, and underneath it were strong headlights.  And in the middle was this blinking, pulsating orange light. The whole thing was floating in the air.”

The gendarmes immediately called Albert Creutz, their dispatcher in Eupen:

“Suddenly, they told me they were seeing a strange object in the sky. It made no noise. We joked about it and said it might be Santa Claus trying to land.”

Creutz noted the unusual report in his log, but was skeptical. According to Heinrich, he and his partner followed the object as it flew across the Belgian countryside toward Eupen:

“We could see it clearly because the headlights were very strong. We could also see the flickering orange ball underneath. We were driving very slowly because it seemed like there was someone in that object and that somebody was trying to observe what was happening on Earth.”

Then a strange light flashed across the window of Albert Creutz’ office:

“Off in the distance, I could see something bright, but I didn’t know what it was. Suddenly, I saw something that looked like a laser beam shoot out of the light and then come back to the light.”

Heinrich and his partner followed the silent object:

“We continued to observe the object as it circled over the city of Eupen. It appeared to be heading toward the forest. On each side of the object there was a kind of laser beam and a ball that was leaving the object and coming back as if the ball were to measure something, so it was easy for us to keep track of it in the sky.”

Creutz contacted four local airports. Each reported no unusual activity. For at least 30 minutes, the gendarmes watched as the object hovered in the distance. And then, according to Heinrich:

“All of a sudden it came out of nowhere, another spacecraft. We were a little frightened. The one we had been following was still over there, and now a second one was rising up into the sky. At a given moment, it tilted slightly. We could see again the shape of a triangle with bright headlights. We could see some kind of dome on the top of two or three small windows and there was a light inside the object. By the time we realized what it was, the object flew away.”

Moments later, Albert Creutz became a believer himself:

“Through the open window I saw a strange machine floating about 500 feet away from me. It looked like a large ship floating in the air. It drifted in front of me for a few seconds, then flew away in the direction of La Calamine. It was a beautiful thing to see.”

Within minutes, two other gendarmes reported a similar object over the village of La Calamine, eight miles to the north. One of them, Deiter Plumanns, had no doubts about what he saw:

“We had heard our colleagues talking about this flying object. In the beginning we thought it was some sort of joke, but then we saw something. It wasn’t funny anymore. Both of us had a strange feeling. It was impossible to explain what the object was. We thought it was an American airplane or something. We had no other explanation for what it might be, but it was real, and it was above us.”

All four of the sightings occurred in one hour, within 20 miles of each other. That same day, 11 other gendarmes and more than 100 private citizens came forward with similar reports of UFOs over the Belgium.

Then, in April of 1990, an amazing photograph was taken. It showed the same array of lights described by the eyewitnesses. By using a computer to enhance the film’s contrast, the triangular shape was clearly visible. This amazing image was the first photographic evidence that UFOs had invaded the skies above Belgium.

Overwhelmed by the number of sightings, Belgian authorities brought in an organization called SOBEPS to coordinate reports and set up procedures for dealing with future close encounters. They didn’t have to wait very long. 

According to Captain Jacques Pinson of the Gendarmerie, he was called to a home outside of Brussels when dinner guests reported seeing strange lights in the sky:

“These points of light were very different than the other stars. They were much bigger and much brighter and not the color of stars. The main colors were reddish or yellow, and the others were green. Later, they began to travel short distances in an erratic manner.”

At the same time, radar at a NATO tracking station detected an unknown object at that exact location. Lieutenant Colonel Pierre Billen reported that the object showed up as a small circle with a tail in the lower-left quadrant of the radar screen:

“We phoned to other civilian and military radar sights like Semozag, Virton, Saint-Hubert, and they had precisely the same echo at the same place. We were unable to identify this echo as being either enemy or friendly. It was not very clear for us that there was an aircraft.”

With confirmations from four radar stations, two F-16s from the Belgian Air Force were immediately deployed. Their mission was to locate and identify the object. The pilots soon locked onto it with their on-board radar. But after just five seconds, the object bolted out of range at an incredible rate of speed. Belgian Air Force Major General W.J.L. De Brouwer was at a loss to explain the encounter:

“We measured some exceptional accelerations which cannot be related to conventional aircraft. That is clear.”

For the next hour, the object seemed to play a high-tech game of cat and mouse. According to Lieutenant Colonel Billen, each time pilots achieved lock-on, the object darted out of range:

“The pilots confirmed that it was impossible for them to accelerate as quick as the target was doing.”

When the jet’s on board radar footage from that night was analyzed, the UFO could be seen climbing from 7,000 feet to 10,000 feet in a matter of seconds. Then, incredibly, the object plummeted to just 500 feet in only five seconds and accelerated to more than 1,000 miles per hour; that’s 1 1/2 times the speed of sound. This extraordinary combination of acceleration and descent would be fatal to a human pilot.

And another peculiar fact: even though the craft exceeded the speed of sound, no one on the ground reported hearing a sonic boom. According to Major General De Brouwer, no known aircraft was capable of such acrobatics:

“The data, then, on all these performances which were registered during the lock-on of the radar, it was totally outside of the normal performance envelope of any airplane.”

The Belgium UFOs have been observed by thousands of eyewitnesses. They have been recorded on military radar. And one unknown object evaded sophisticated fighter jets.  Yet skeptics dismiss the sightings as nothing more than UFO hysteria. They believe that the radar reports are the result of false echoes or changes in atmospheric conditions. But Gendarme Heinrich Nicoll said he knows what he witnessed:

“Some people don’t believe us and the things we have seen. Well, they’re afraid to believe us. It doesn’t matter to me. But I have seen something, and what else can I say? It was not some invention of my mind. I saw it, and it was very real, and it happened just as I have said.”

Based on the radar data, Major General De Brouwer concluded that conventional aircraft were no match for the advanced technology his jet fighters encountered:

“I think it’s our job to try to find out if there is really something in the air, where it comes from, what the origin is, and what the intentions are. Indeed, there is something going on in Belgium which is beyond our control.”

Despite thousands of sightings in Belgium, there have been just a few reports in the neighboring countries of France, Germany, and the Netherlands.  For skeptics, this is more proof that the sightings are the result of overactive imaginations.

Some people however, speculate that UFOs may be attracted to Belgium’s highway system. It is so brightly lit at night that it was visible even to the astronauts on the moon.