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Beagle ‘Might be in a Crater’

May 16th, 2012 § in Science, Universe

Beagle 2 may have fallen down a crater on Mars recently discovered near where the lander was due to touch down, scientists on the project have said. The crater has been discovered on Isidis Planitia, a flattish basin where Beagle was targeted to land. Scientists said there was a [...]

Astronomers Claim Dark Matter Breakthrough

May 8th, 2012 § in Universe

Astronomers Claim Dark Matter Breakthrough The identity of the universe‘s dark matter may finally have been discovered. In what seems to be the most convincing claim for dark matter so far, researchers in England and France say gamma rays coming from the centre of our galax[...]

Secrets of the Moon Ready For Revelation

May 6th, 2012 § in Universe

A box of gadgetry little bigger than a television will be hurled into space this weekend on a mission to explain where the moon came from. After studying rocks brought back by six manned Apollo missions and three unmanned Russian probes in the 1960s and ’70s, scientists the[...]

Mars Rocks Beagle Team

May 4th, 2012 § in Universe

Mars Rocks Beagle Team The meteorite that revived hopes of finding life on Mars is to be analysed by scientists working on the British-led Beagle 2 mission. Claims in 1996 that experts at the US space agency (Nasa) had found fossilised bugs inside a chunk of Mars rock remain high[...]

Call To Extend Alien Life Search

May 3rd, 2012 § in Universe

Call To Extend Alien Life Search Jupiter or Mars-like planets beyond our Solar System may be serious contenders for harbouring life, says a British astrophysicist. Professor Tim Naylor, of Exeter University, says planets that do not resemble home should not be dismissed. He is ca[...]

NASA Expands Search To Include Small Asteroids

May 2nd, 2012 § in Universe

A panel of experts working at NASA’s request has recommended a bold new search for potentially dangerous asteroids, including smaller objects that could cause regional damage in an Earth impact. The price tag: At least $236 million. The recommendation for a search effort fa[...]

Cosmic Flashes Solved

May 2nd, 2012 § in Universe

Mysterious X-ray flashes in distant space that have puzzled astronomers for years have been identified by scientists at Caltech and Harvard as cosmic explosions from dying stars in two galaxies some 2. 6 billion light-years away.[...]

Dr. Jonathan Reed Alien Encounter

April 28th, 2012 § in Universe

Did Dr. Jonathan Reed Have A Real Encounter With An Alien Being? For years, the UFO community has debated whether the encounter that Dr. Jonathan Reed claims to have had with an alien being is real or not.  Dr. Reed says that he had a confrontation with an alien in Washington st[...]

Pluto Mission Jeopardized by Possible Funding Cuts

April 25th, 2012 § in Universe

Pluto Mission Jeopardized by Possible Funding Cuts A NASA mission to Pluto that was set for a 2006 launch is now in jeopardy in the face of a surprising proposal to slash funding. The House on Friday voted to cut $55 million from NASA’s New Frontiers program for 2004 as par[...]

Mars At Its Closest To Earth In 60,000 Years

April 25th, 2012 § in Universe

Mars At Its Closest To Earth In 60,000 Years: As if executing a cosmic air kiss, Earth and Mars will come as close as they desire in the wee hours of Wednesday during an historical event that has captivated the attention of skywatchers around the globe. The two planets will be se[...]