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Are the Carnac Stones Part of Atlantis?

September 25th, 2013 § in History, Legends

Drive to the northwest part of France and you’ll run into a region called Brittany. A small village, Carnac, is in this peaceful region. It’s very quaint and different from Paris, consisting of livestock, beautiful green fields, and quiet French life. However, somethi[...]

The Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle

September 16th, 2013 § in Unexplained

The Bermuda Triangle sometimes referred to as the Devils Triangle has been a mystery for centuries. It was once thought that traveling in the Bermuda Triangle was deadly because of the strange and mysterious things that happen. Many ships have reported navigation equipment going [...]

Bermuda Triangle

November 13th, 2011 § in Paranormal

One of the mysteries that are still unsolved is that of the Bermuda Triangle. The term first coined by a magazine, the area referred to as the Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Atlantic Ocean. The area roughly forms a triangle from Florida to Puerto Rico then to Bermuda and back[...]