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Waverly Hills Sanitarium

August 21st, 2013 § in Ghosts

Waverly Hills Sanitarium is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in North America. The Waverly Hills Sanatarium, which is located in Louisville, KY, once held thousands of patients. It was built as a hospital in the early 20th century, and its original purpose was t[...]

UFOs Blamed For 1965 Power Outtages

April 24th, 2012 § in UFO

UFOs Blamed For 1965 Power Outtages: As government officials and industry experts in Canada and the United States attempt to pinpoint the cause of Thursday’s massive power blackout, there is one possibility that has escaped investigation: a close encounter of the third kind[...]

Is The U.S. Government Covering Up Amazing Archaeological Finds In The Grand Canyon?

March 3rd, 2012 § in Mystery

Is the U.S. government covering up evidence that the ancient Egyptians once traveled as far as the Grand Canyon?  As far-fetched as that may seem, there is some evidence that suggest that may be exactly what is happening.  On April 5th, 1909, a front page story in the Arizona G[...]

Bigfoot – Real or Not?

November 28th, 2011 § in Mystery

For more than some 400 years, there have been claims that there is a creature, larger than humans, in the wooded areas of North America. People have reported that when walking in the woods there is a feeling of being watched and followed, although no known instances of attacks on[...]

The Mystery Of The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

September 8th, 2011 § in Mystery

Most people have never even heard of the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone, but it is truly one of the greatest historical mysteries of North America.  If you tried to tell most history teachers that the Ten Commandments arrived in North America long before Christopher Columbus did, m[...]

On the Track of Manitu

August 2nd, 2011 § in Religion

The mysterious World of Spirits of the Indians World of spirits and reality: For the North American Indians they have been connected inseparable. Sunbeams, water murmur, bear roaring – according to the Indian conception all things and phenomenons have a soul. World of spirits a[...]